Flowing Water Music Prod.

Musical experiments and empiricism.
Two guys, a couple of ideas and a lot of passion.

Soundcloud is going crazy!

We just heard that there are technical problems.

So what better way to test the speed and efficiency of the technicians?

Just click play on the player below and see if you still proposes “not available”.

We welcome feedback: D


FW Music Prod



Rihanna wants to sing a song with us.

Jay-Z wants to sing a song with us.

Santana wants to play a song with us.

Timbaland wants to produce a song with us.

Nicolas Jaar wants to remix a song made ​​by us.

The Berlin Philharmonic wants to reinterpret a piece written by us.

D & G wants to put one of our songs in an advertisement.

Etc etc etc. ..

Oh yes.

However we want to stay simple and down to earth!

Beer, not champagne!


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